Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Poker

Online poker games are quite popular today and being preferred by both beginners and professionals as well. Most of them love to play poker online rather than at land based casinos because of various reasons. There are indeed several benefits of playing online, however, there also some cons that come along with it. Let us now look at both the advantages and disadvantages of internet poker.


  • It allows players to play at the comfort of their home.
  • Numerous options are available compared to land based casinos.
  • If selected a right website, players can find thousands of new and updated poker games every day.
  • Even beginners can easily play and actually learn how to play poker and other casino games to improve their skills and style of playing.
  • It allows players to switch between different games and play them at the same time.This gives more scope to win the game and earn some real money.
  • Players need not actually pay to play their favourite casino games. They can just sign up on the site and start playing.
  • Individuals can actually play games for fun and get entertained.


  • Chances of losing the online game are high if you are a beginner as usually, there is no delay when sorting out bets and it is a fast play.
  • For novice, understanding the game becomes quite harder. Players may get confused about aspects like following the folds, guessing the next action in advance and other techniques.
  • Getting used to online games makes you lose contact and interaction with actual players. This makes it quite difficult to know when a player is actually trying to bluff. It can also place you in risky situations where your chances of losing turn high.
  • This fast play game mode can also make you to lead a boring and simplified poker lifestyle.