How would you like to play poker without risking your own money? Many poker sites offers so called  Poker Free roll tournaments, where you don´t need to stake your own money in order to compete.

1. The most important thing in poker is knowing the rules of the game. Remember, you will be playing against sharks and if you don´t know the rules – they will eat you alive. So go through the rules of the game.

2. Nearly all common sign of a Poker Loser is a player who plays weak hands. Slaying your chips on hands which have no possibility of winning is like throwing your money away. Save your money for the right hand.

3. It´s important that you pay attention to other people sitting at your table. Try to “read” their games and you will have the edge against them..

4. Statistics are also important in the game of poker. It´s important that you know your chances of winning a hand.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned tips will be of great use to avoid losing in poker game.