Playing online poker is a lot of fun and it’s a good way to win some extra money in your spare time.

Winning the game isn’t the only way to make some extra money from your online poker. There are lots of online poker sites out there and all of them are desperate for players. This means they’re willing to give away all sorts of bonuses to get you to play. A smart player can increase his/her bankroll by taking advantage of these deals.

The most common incentive at online poker rooms is called the deposit bonus. Basically this is credit that a poker room gives you when you open an account. You deposit $300 and they’ll give you an extra $300 in credit to play with.

The poker room isn’t doubling your money here; they’re giving you $300 in credit in exchange for playing with them. This isn’t extra money but is a lot of extra play and more chances to win. Most deposit bonuses are limited usually to $600. It isn’t free money but it’s certainly free play.

Poker sites give out lots of other freebies as well for example free poker lessons, free tournament entry, and so on. You might also be able to win prizes at some sites.

A good way to find this free stuff is to go to a batch of different poker sites and see what they offer. If you’ve been playing only at one site for awhile it might be a good idea to do some surfing and see what else is available out there. In particular, visit the big poker sites to see what they’re offering.

One really great perk that some sites give out is called a free roll. A free roll is a tournament or game you can play at for free where you can win real money. These are often used to attract new players to sites and are fairly easy to find.

Non-American players could get some really great benefits in the next few months because playing poker for money will soon be illegal in the US. This means that poker rooms will be scrambling for players so it’ll be a buyer’s market at least at first.

Players can also take advantage of one of the best online poker freebies there is free play. If you just want to play for fun or get some practice in you can play for free at many sites. This will test your skills and get you used to playing poker.