Loads of players get into poker for recreational purposes and forget all about the detailed strategy involved in the game. In order to make the most out of your poker games, you need to understand the kinds of poker variations today. We have listed a few strategies, so as to help you with a profitable poker session.

Poker Strategies

Weak and Loose

Weak and loose players are known to be the worst players in the game of poker. They do not take the betting initiative and they prefer to call with marginal hands, all the way up to the river, hoping to get lucky in the game. Loose players are not very good at discriminating the starting hands and they bet in the pot with mediocre hands. These are the worst elements of any poke strategy and such players are expected to lose over a period of time.

Weak and Tight

Weak and tight players are a little better than loose players. They only play with premium hands and are likely to enter the pot with strong hands. In the pot, these players are likely to play it weak since they would call instead of raising. Weak and tight players are also referred to as “rocks”. Such a strategy can actually benefit them in low limit games while it could result in dismissal for higher games. For a majority of poker players, being weak and tight is a way to become a complete poker professional.

Strong and Loose

Strong and loose players will hardly discriminate the starting hands too well. They will be aggressive when it comes to betting and will bluff or raise too often. For the most part, they will do this in order to support their raises. As far as the poker strategy is concerned, these are also known as “maniacs”. According to the experts, it is suggestive to use a strong and loose strategy as compared to weak and tight, since the former can win a lot of bluffed pots in the game.

Strong and Tight

A strong and tight strategy is by far the best strategy to be employed in the game of poker. A majority of advanced poker players adopt this strategy. Here, you only have to enter the pots with premium hands or hands that seem to have a lot of potential. Once these players enter the pots, they are likely to play it aggressively. If you wish to become a good poker player, then your final goal must be to emulate such a strategy, as best as you can.