When poker players get bored with playing Texas Hold Em, they often try Omaha Hi Low. Omaha Hi Low is the second most popular poker game that exists within the world of poker.

The first difference between Texas Hold Em and Omaha High Low is that a player can build a hand from nine cards at Omaha. Another big difference is that you are issued four cards instead of two. Having four cards gives you a better chance of creating a good hand and ultimately winning the pot. It also makes the game a little more fun because it stimulates more action.

The betting in Omaha is usually the same as in Texas Hold Em, and the lay out of the community cards is the same as in Texas Hold Em. One really noticeable difference is that Omaha is usually played pot limit while Texas Hold Em is played no limit. Having a pot limit means that no player can raise more than the pot. This takes some of the excitement out of the game but it’s easier on the wallet. Some online poker rooms have no limit Omaha games and tournaments.

To win in Omaha, a player needs to get the best five card at the showdown. One big challenge to Omaha is that you’ll have to get a really good hand, sometimes called the nuts, to win the showdown. This is because there are more cards on the table which increases the possibility of two or more players drawing really good hands at once.

As in Texas Hold Em, players are trying to get the strongest hand needed to win. The excitement in Omaha comes from the chance that more than one player will draw a strong hand which will lead to a showdown. In the showdown, a player tries to make the best hand they can from three of the cards on the table and two in their hand. Omaha players can’t use four of the cards to make a hand like Texas Hold Em players can.

One thing to remember is that two pair on the table can’t be used to make a full house. In Omaha you have to have three of a kind in your hand to make a full house.

The best strategy in Omaha is to play for flushes which are usually the strongest hand in game. Players should remember that you need two cards from the same suite in your hand to make a flush with what’s on the table in Omaha. One card such as the ace and three or four cards, of the same suite on the table, won’t make a flush.

Omaha Hi Low is fun but it takes some getting used to. The best way to learn Omaha Hi Low is to play the game.