Anyone who has dabbled in online poker has heard of the website, Full Tilt Poker. In January 2011, Full Tilt Poker introduced a new game called Rush Poker. This Full Tilt-exclusive is fast paced and fun, bringing players a boost of action to their poker escapades.

Rush Poker is currently available at small stakes in the no-limit Texas hold ’em style. Players can pick from six-seat or nine-seat tables. While the main rules of the game are no different from standard hold ’em, there is one big difference. Once a player folds or is dealt out, they are immediately sent to a new poker table where they will instantly be given another hand.

Thanks to the “rush” factor, Full-Tilt players can enjoy a face-paced poker game. The days of waiting 30 minutes for a decent hand are over. Now, if a player is dissatisfied with their hand, they can press the “quick fold” button and try their luck at a new hand quick as a flash. On average, players are dealt anywhere from 300-500 hands each hour of game play.

Important Rush Poker Strategies

However, the strategies used at Rush Poker differs from that of typical poker ring games. Since these games make it easy to fold, the majority of gamblers hold excellent hands. Be prepared to encounter players with a pocket pair, Ax or two high cards. And watch out for players during the big blind. Never allow the competition to enter the current hand via limping; otherwise, the cards they hold will be a complete mystery. By raising before the flop, the big blind will be prevented from getting a free look at the flop.

Frequent re-raises are also part of a winning Rush Poker strategy. Players in this new version of poker are quick to fold lousy hands. They know that they will have a better hand soon, so it is wise to take advantage of this fact. By re-raising a great deal, there is a greater chance of stealing the pot.

And low cards are a Rush Poker player’s best friend. Because the majority of players will hold big cards, those who hit the hand with low cards on the flop can trip up the other players, effectively winning the big pot. Over time, savvy players will refine their Rush Poker strategies. However, the aforementioned basic strategies will give any player a solid foundation for becoming profitable at this exciting, new game.