One of the newest websites to play poker online in the 21st Century is Poker Stars. What makes this site so much visited?

1. The last three World Winner of Poker Champions played on Poker Stars.

Winners are Chris Moneymaker of 2003; Greg Raymer for 2004 and Joe Hachem for 2005 of the World Series of Poker, all of them play on Poker Stars frequently and have for some time. Moneymaker and Raymer in fact won their places to the Main Event during satellites on Poker Stars. If you are searching for chances to sit down with a newest World Series Champion, you will probably want to play on Poker Stars.

2. You can have a cool avatar on Poker Stars.

An avatar is the image that represents you as you play on a poker website. For most of poker sites, the avatar prearranged depending on your seat, or you may be select from a group of likely avatars. Poker Stars in fact lets you to download an icon, which will come into view at your seat as you play. This can be an image of yourself, a favorite dear or pet, or even a sign that you believe represents you best. Of course, your image will have to accept by the site, but if it is in sensibly good taste, that is what people will see when they cooperate against you.

3. You can obtain cool material on Poker Stars

Poker Stars provides Frequent Player Points, which can bought back for merchandise. As you might guess, the extra you play, the extra points you earn. The Regular Player Points stock-up present Poker Stars with poker chips, garments, poker study materials, tournament entries and much more.

4. You can obtain cooler stuff on Poker Stars.

Poker Stars at the present offers a VIP club, also produced the money through frequent play on the site. The VIP club provides free of cost roll tournaments with big prizes and higher end merchandise too like iPods and travel packages.

5. Poker Stars has Subjects

Do not like the look of the site? Poker Stars provides a various different theme skins, letting you to select different backgrounds, colors and fonts for your visual enjoyment.

These are some of the qualities, which make Poker Stars one of the most popular sites in the online poker universe. Will it be your site of choice? If you like what you see here, give it a shot and find out.

Hope, you might have understood the specialty of the poker stars. So, start using this website for playing poker.