How would you feel if you walked into a casino with $100, played poker games or play bingo online for a few hours, and then the casino host handed you another $100. That would feel pretty great, right? Well with an online casino bonus, your favorite online casino is doing exactly that.

Free Money With the Online Casino Bonus

If you regularly check out gambling and gambling related websites, you may have noticed some ads with some interesting number or letter combinations linked to words like “100 percent match bonus.” Those combinations are bonus codes and you need to grab them if you like money.

Using Your Online Casino Bonus Codes

Once you’ve got the codes, find the online casino sites they go with. Try to find big match bonuses. These bonuses allow you to increase the size of your deposit. In the case of a 100 percent match bonus, your deposit is doubled. Put the bonus code in the appropriate box on the deposit screen and submit your deposit. You’ve taken the next step towards that free money.

Activating Your Online Casino Bonus

Now, to get your bonus, all you have to do is play games. Once you’ve wagered a certain amount, determined based on the size of the deposit and/or bonus, your bonus will be released into your account. If it is a cashable bonus, you can then withdraw it if you like. If not, you can now withdraw the funds you have won using the bonus money, although you will lose the bonus money when you do so. You can only use one sign-up bonus per site, but there are other types of bonuses and many sites to choose from, so you can earn plenty of online casino bonus money to build your bankroll with a little bit of effort.