The source of the game that we nowadays call Poker is doubtful and debated. Almost all researchers have the same opinion that the name Poker derived from the game popqu, which is a French game, which in rotate originates from the sound pochen, which is German ‘ to knock.

It is though uncertain whether Poker actually is relating to the card games where players have to knock the board to mark certain situations. Poker stands a keener similarity to a game called Nas, which is a Old Persian game.

According to some researchers As Nas taught this game to French settlers in the city of New Orleans and later developed into Poker in the United States of America. Poker is also known to look alike a game called Primero, which is a Renaissance game and another name called Brelan, which is a French game. In England, Brelan finally developed into a game known as Brag or Bragg, a card game where the likelihood of bluffing is a significant part of the game, only as in Poker.

One of the previous mentions of Poker is from 1829, when an English performer called Joseph Crowell came across a type of card game in New Orleans where four players utilized decks of 20 cards. The players made stakes and attempted to get an idea which player had the best hand. In 1843, Jonathan H. Green published a book known as ‘An Exposure of the Arts and Miseries of Betting’ where he explained how this game stretched from New Orleans via the riverboats on Mississippi. Playing games was so much popular game on the Mississippi riverboats. As the game extend, the regulations altered and a full deck having 52 cards started to use. One of the greatest rule changes was the introduction of the so-called flush.

Many of the more contemporary poker versions invented throughout the American Civil War, counting Draw Poker and five cards Stud Poker. The straight also introduced during this time. Around 1875 the usage of natural cards is adding. Lowball developed approximately the same time, the split-pot poker was made-up about the turn of the century. The very first poker games involving society cards arose around 1925. A few researches claim the U.S. military are accountable for spreading the game to Asia at the time of wars, where it is nowadays very popular and a natural fraction of the traditional Asian games.

Throughout the 1970’s, the initial World Series of Poker were played which popularized Poker tournaments at the American casinos. This is also the era, when the first solemn Poker books published. Three of the most well-known ones are ‘The Theory of Poker’ in black and white by David Sklansky, ‘The Book of Tells’ by Mike Caro and ‘Super System’ by Doyle Brunson.

These days, poker played around the earth. Poker has grown more and more popular throughout the newest decade, mainly due to the discovery of online poker and the hole-card camera that made the Poker contests much more attractive to watch for non-players.