Playing blackjack can be a lot of fun and there are people that play it offline, people that play it online and people that do both. However, there are some distinct advantages to playing blackjack games online. These are looked at in more detail below.

Playing Time

If you play blackjack offline, then you can only play it when a casino is open or when you have friends willing to play it with you. This will limit you to have often you can play the game. It may be that you wake a 3am and want to play. Even if you have a casino open near to you, it is far easier to switch on your computer and play there, than get dressed and go out of the house.


If you play offline with friends or family, then you will not get to play against that many different people. Even if you play in a casino, you will be limited in who you can play against. However, if you play online, you can play against people from all over the word. Not only will this mean you are more likely to find someone you find it fun to play against, but you will get the chance to meet all sorts of different people. People that you would not normally have met.


It can be more interesting playing online because you can try out all sorts of different sites. They may look different and have different people playing which will make things more interesting for you. It means that you can change where you are playing if you are not happy with the site that you were on really easily. It is much more difficult to do this if you are playing offline as there is far less choice.


Online jackpots can sometimes be a lot bigger than the ones you get playing offline. In fact you may not even play for money if you play with friends and family. It can be a lot of fun, to give yourself a chance of winning a big jackpot and really add to the thrill of the game. Winning prizes may not be what it is all about for you, but it can certainly add to the fun of the game and it may enable you to be able to play for longer, as you have some winnings to play with.